Who we are

Imagine a seed that is sown, incubated and then planted to grow

At Otherdots we sow that seed.

A future driven foundation inspiring and investing in untapped talent from around the world, to join us as stakeholders to build ventures from the ground up with a responsible emphasis. For this to happen and for these ventures to be sustainable, they have to be run by the locals and that is exactly what we do.

Our goal is to improve systems and lives using artificial intelligence and blockchain for safety and security, health and survival.

Everyone can be an impact investor.


At Otherdots, we bring together a global community and knowledge network, that is invested and owned by everyone through the philanthropic investments and donations we receive to fund the ventures we build.

Our priorities help reboot the global economy to solve and advance human potential regardless of race, culture, gender, socio-economic background, or other human difference. This requires a profound transformation of human mindset, practices and priorities while ensuring basic life sustaining resources for everyone.

The ventures we build activate the next phase in the evolution of cutting-edge technology to be the driver for building complete tamper-proof technological and socio-economic systems to to ensure continuity of life of all species, connecting the interrelated elements of the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.


Impact investing has a new meaning as we sit at the intersection where radical forward thinking and real-world implementation meet.

Our milestone-driven fund on the blockchain, provides you with unparalleled transparency and trust with a historical record of all activities from the time you donate and invest as to how your dollars are being spent.

We make a bold promise that all donations and investments we receive go directly to our fund providing everyone with unparalleled transparency with a complete historical record of all transactions in the ventures we build together.

how can you help

With as little as $1, you can be part of a unique global community as stakeholders that cares in finding new pathways to making real change and significant impact in the world. Driven by data and optimised by AI, we enable a trusted global information network that can track and value the impact of contribution on people and the planet that is owned by everyone.

With your involvement, we will deliver to the world, a new way of engaging investments with transparency and seamless user experience, to empower every person on the planet to play their role in building a better world for tomorrow.


The DOT COLLECTIVE is a coaching group (part of the Otherdots venture building programme) that will provide you with actionable insights and tips as an entrepreneur to help you grow on a personal and company level building the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Being part of the collective makes you a stakeholder in our initiative Survival of Life on the planet.


Untapped talent is everywhere and meaningful ventures can be built anywhere. Even before we knew about masterminds, coaching groups and founding Otherdots, we as individuals enjoyed supporting entrepreneurs in intimate settings or in accelerator/incubator batches.

Today, you can benefit from the decades-long experience of the people behind Otherdots who are more than willing to help put theory into practice as we can relate to many of the struggles entrepreneurs face: how to build a product, market it, dealing with customers, accounting headaches… the list goes on.

The goal is to guide you through the process of building enduring and sustainable technology ventures.

Today we are facing a global pandemic situation that drastically reduced travel which made us take a different route in achieving our goal. Our lockdown made us think that creating such a collective can be an awesome way to share our knowledge but also learn from one another on how to make this world a better place, at different levels, which is synergistic with our global initiative ‘Survival of Life on the Planet’. We promise knowledge, community and accountability.

Individuals working on impact-driven ventures with the urgency to take things to the next level.
Aspiring founders with the passion and commitment to build the triple-bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Our weekly sessions last 100 minutes with a specific focus, from pitching and storytelling, to product strategy, recurring revenue, financials, design and more based on your needs, with the aim to level up your ventures.
The group is capped at 10 individuals to keep the value.

Access to a handpicked network
Weekly mentoring and coaching
Access to resources
Support from your peers
Access to slack and facebook Groups
Access to all coaching video calls
Advocate and guest speaker sessions


Accessing the coaching group is a donation to our foundation of as little as USD$12,5/week (donated each month), with a recommended 12 weeks commitment. The donation will go towards the foundation.

Our selection criteria is straight-forward, you will need to submit an application and fit the criteria below:

Be working on an impact-driven venture
Commit to USD$50 donation per month for 3 months
Submit a 60 seconds video


An amazing global network of handpicked industry experts, entrepreneurs, academics and professionals committed to support in building the future.



Talks and panel discussions


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